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Have you ever visited a website only to find the latest news items or case studies are from three years ago or, worse still, broken links in abundance? There’s no point in having a brand-spanking new website built and then having it just sit there. It’s vital that content is kept up to date and navigation is fresh – not just for usability but also for search ranking. If your website isn’t kept up to date, you will rapidly fall down the ranking list on search engines. Also, with viruses and security threats in abundance, it’s imperative that your website is kept fully secure with all of the relevant virus software and protection.

There are various cost-effective packages available to you, which will guarantee your website is running to its maximum potential.

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Our website maintenance and support includes:

  • Website maintenance;
  • Content management;
  • Database programming;
  • Custom coding;
  • Removal of Google Penalty;
  • Website security & backups;
  • Customised application management;
  • Super-fast business hosting;
  • Security updates and plug-ins;
  • Security rectification;
  • On-site Training;
  • Telephone/face-to-face support.

We want to take the pressure of you – keeping on top of website updates can be a time-consuming operation. It may be that you just need certain elements of the above solution or you may want the whole shebang. Either way, our goal is to make your website stand out above the rest.

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