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Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries and, there’s probably not one of us who hasn’t used a website where we can quickly and easily purchase items. There is huge potential for your brand to dramatically grow through an ecommerce site but, for your Ecommerce website to be effective, customers need to have an enjoyable experience – both aesthetically and the process through which they purchase goods.

At So Much Marketing, we have the experience of building ecommerce sites for a number of leading brands and recognise the level of detail that needs to go into developing them. Each product you’re selling requires bespoke content and placement on the site to get the most traction and we will ensure that we will work closely with you to develop the most effective structure, look-and-feel and purchasing experience for the customer.

If you have an existing Ecommerce site in place, we will undertake an audit (if required) to see how effective it currently is. What SEO is built in, how many customers is it reaching? How many purchases are made, what are the leading products and more. If you’re starting from scratch – we will work with you to understand your target audience to create a beautifully (or handsome… whatever floats your boat) designed website.

We specialise in the development of ecommerce platforms using WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify and WordPress.

The Ecommerce Solution we provide includes:

  • Full audit of existing ecommerce site (if required);
  • Research into target audiences;
  • Design of Ecommerce website;
  • Mobile optimisation;
  • Payment/Checkout Gateway;
  • SSL and PCI compliance;
  • Order processing;
  • Full SEO;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Booking and appointment systems;
  • Membership platforms;
  • S&H costs;
  • Promotional codes;
  • Customer Accounts.

We won’t get too much into the finer detail here, but we would love the opportunity to have a conversation with you on how we can build you an effective, strong and aesthetically-pleasing Ecommerce site.  Give us a call today.

And just a reminder that we can provide a full range of services that can be built into your ecommerce site – Video Production, Digital Marketing & much more…

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