Settings for Expert Keying with Keylight 1.2 in After effects

For Video Production, green screen is an important part of producing media, it is used in video interviews and films. Understanding the basics of keying in after effects is a must for any digital media producer.
This tutorial/ overview of settings is a no-nonsense approach to getting good results with your green screen media.
To follow along with the article, you must have experience with layers and masks.
I do not go into detail on how each setting works, just guide you on getting a good result.
When working with Keylight, only work with intermediate result and status view.

Garbage Mask

Add a mask to hide unnecessary footage that is outside of the keying(green screen area) area.
Go to Effects & Presets, Key light 1.2 + Key cleaner + Advanced spill suppressor

Screen colour:

> Open up Layer view and Comp view side by side
> In comp view in keylight settings set to status view
> On the layer view hold Alt and hover over the keying area
> Choose colour contrast that is more white vs black (not grey if there is no hair or fine objects in the scene)
> If hair is present in scene choose a compromise with grey and black.