Social Media Advertising

With the ever-increasing amount of advertising options and formats available to businesses, paid social media advertising can seem like a minefield. From geo-location targeting, demographics and audience interests, the complex nature of this type of advertising can be overwhelming. There is also real advertiser competition across all platforms so we understand the utter importance of capturing audience attention and gaining an emotional connection with prospects in order for them to connect with your campaign and increase return on investment vs spend.

At So Much Marketing, we have extensive experience with successful social media advertising campaigns, targeting, creative production and account management. We can advise, plan, create and execute social media campaigns that triumph through engagement, lead generation and increased revenue.

Our paid social media advertising solution includes:

  • Ad creative/copy-testing including production of video and image-based formats;
  • Landing page design and testing;
  • Remarketing pixels;
  • Geo-site research for local and international audience targeting;
  • Advanced audience targeting for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn and Snapchat.

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