Digital Marketing Audits

Getting the best value from your digital channels and working with the budget you have, requires an understanding of what works and why. In an ever-changing digital environment, so many companies have a multitude of digital assets which include websites, social media accounts, PPC advertisings and email marketing. But, how many companies take a step back to find out how effective these assets actually are? Is one of them underperforming? Not using best practice? Or even, failing to engage stakeholders, generate leads, build brand equity? All of these assets can be hugely beneficial to a company – if they’re utilised, effective and value-driven.

So, what we can do is provide a full digital marketing audit to see where your marketing mix is. What’s working and what isn’t? From this, we will make recommendations for real advancement. Each audit is hand-written (wait, what? pens? you heard right) and customised for each client. This audit will give you an expert view, deep insights and key recommendations independent of your team, agencies and stakeholders.

This customised digital audit comprises:

  • Reviewing all digital channels currently in use;
  • Competitors;
  • Search Engine Ranking;
  • Website & SEO Performance;
  • Social Media accounts;
  • Keyword Research;
  • Content;
  • Online Advertising

As the audit is completely customised, a full project scope is discussed and agreed in advance.

The end result of the audit will allow for key recommendations as well as prioritising any critical issues and next steps.

If you don’t really need a full digital audit, we also offer specific individual marketing audits for:

  • Website Review & SEO Audit;
  • Social Media Review and Audit;
  • Keyword Research and Google AdWords;
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Reviews;
  • Online Competitor Analysis;
  • Lead Generation Audit;
  • PPC Advertising Audit.

All audits include recommendations and next steps which will bring actual improvements.

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