Last week I was with a customer who was using internet explorer to view their new site I was creating…I was blindsided by this as I am supposed to be developing a quality professional looking website for them. It was horrible, every spacing and line just looked confused. Every cool design choice/feature that I had made had simply disappeared. I was half expecting that I would need to defend the sites design then and there. But thankfully, concerns were elsewhere.

At that moment in time, I felt It wasn’t my place to inform them that Internet Explorer (IE) is barely used these days as I was trying to concentrate on the job at hand. But now that I think about it, I will advise them to use chrome instead. Now if you had of talked to me 2 – 4 years ago that stat was very different.

I recently came across a nice stat that made me happy this morning. In 2018 the desktop browser share shows Google Chrome dominating the world with 69.64% share of the worlds browser use. Firefox lagging far behind with 10.14% and internet explorer(IE) with 6.01%, Safari 5.61%, and Edge with 4.21% looking like they never left the gate.

Even though it has taken some time, I am glad to see IE slowly becoming obsolete as it has lost nearly 8% of its small market share over the last 2 years. I always hated having different rules for IE just because users were not bothered updating their system. Moreover, considering that internet share as a whole is mobile-based, my question at this point should web designers/developers put the effort in to support IE or just let it die. I personally feel that it should just go away and cover itself with dirt!

Browser Share stats 2018 desktop