While B2B marketing on social media is a slightly different game from creating successful B2C content, most of the same basics still apply. Perhaps the most important is that content needs to be consumable right on the social platform you’re targeting. That means short content, lots of images, and – increasingly – a heavy reliance on video. In fact, over 500 million people view Facebook video content every day.

Similarly, engaging posts bring more awareness. When a post is shared, or retweeted more people see it and, thanks to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, the popularity of a given post can determine whether it’s seen at all. With this in mind, let’s turn to some examples of the kinds of B2B posts that really work for generating leads.

    1. Quote Images: Quote images have become popular for media brands as a way to showcase written content more excitingly. It’s a good strategy for more than just publishers, however, and increasingly more business are creating these graphics today.
    2. Twitter Chats: A Twitter chat (or forum, or meet-up) is a digital event. The idea is to get lots of people – including experts you provide – tweeting at a particular time, often with a common hashtag. This creates a virtual conversation where you can explain more about what your business offers and enables leads to ask the questions they have.
    3. Infographics: Again, visual content is everything. So, if you have valuable information to convey about your products or business process, getting it into a graphic can make for a much more engaging post.
    4. Tag Business Partners: There’s a reason it’s called “social” media! Not only does tagging another brand you work with make them feel appreciated, but it can also increase the visibility of your post, especially on Facebook.
    5. Human Faces: Part of the goal of B2B social marketing is to humanize what’s sometimes thought of as an impersonal digital space. Using images of your actual executives or account managers goes a long way towards achieving this goal.
    6. ICYMI: In general, it’s important to be aware of common internet acronyms and slang to avoid embarrassing mistakes. [ICYMI] or “in case you missed it” is an especially important one. It draws attention to your content and gives the viewer a bit of motivation to keep reading – no one wants to miss out!
    7. Polls: First available on Twitter, both Facebook and Twitter now offer poll features to accompany posts and tweets. For B2C applications these are often used for fun engagement. In the B2B space, however, they’re a terrific way to find out more about potential leads.